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Quality Bookkeeping Services in McKinney, Texas

We are proactive in accounting and tax so you aren’t reactive in business

“Sarah is great! She helped clean up my books to set me on a better track for the new year. She truly cares about her clients and gave use some great tips for the future. I cannot wait to work more with her and her team…
I highly encourage you to make the switch to her firm.!”

Katheryn W.

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Bookkeeping Services & Pricing

Are you tired of the late hours doing your bookkeeping causing you to miss family events? Are your competitors getting ahead of you by focusing on their business instead of their accounting? We can help by taking the day-to-day accounting off of your plate. So you can focus on your clients and business.

Do you have multiple locations and need remote bookkeeping services? We provide remote services too. 

Each client receives a customized package for services that fit their budget and their needs.

High Quality & Affordable Bookkeeping

$ 60
Hourly with $250 minimum
  • Always Ontime
  • Hard Working Experts
  • 24/7 Availability
  • No Long Term Contact Required

The rate includes the following:

  • Categorizing transactions
  • Invoicing clients
    • Matching payments to invoices when received
  • Reconciling credit cards/bank accounts
  • Sales Tax report and filing
  • Payroll process
    • Running Payroll
    • Filing necessary state and federal reports
    • IRS Tax deposits
  • Entering invoices that need payment
    • There are systems where you can pay invoices, but they cost a fee; procedures can be implemented to ensure timely payment until you grow and need those software
  • Financial Reports
    • Weekly reports of open vendor invoices that need to be paid
    • Monthly reports:
      • Balance Sheet
      • P&L
      • Payments made to vendors each month
      • Outstanding client invoices

Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Bookkeeping

Whether your business has enough transactions to need daily bookkeeping, or if bookkeeping is necessary once a month, we can help. Our expert staff can enter invoices from vendors or purchases from the company, process payments from clients, and bill clients for services or products received.

We keep your records up to date on a schedule that fits your needs. Don't have accounting software? That is okay, our experts can help you find the best one that fits your company and budget, and we have bookkeeping packages that include Quickbooks for your company.

Behind the Scenes Support
Outsourcing Accounting Support

Reconciliation of Accounts

We reconcile bank and credit card statements. Monthly reconciliations are important to ensure accurate financial statements. You can then use the financial statements to make strategic business decisions to grow your company.

Payroll Services

Are you overwhelmed with the extensive payroll taxes rules and regulations? Not enough time in the day to process payroll. Our experts can help process your payroll services, make tax deposits, and file your payroll tax forms.

Want to set up payroll but do not know where to start? That is okay. We have a payroll service package that includes a Quickbooks payroll account.

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