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(469) 251-4119

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Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation

Tax season is a stressful time for everyone. Multiple deadlines to remember, not knowing what you owe in taxes.

Whether you have a simple return with W2s, have a few rental properties, purchased or sold a home, investments, and the list goes on. We can help prepare your return timely, provide estimated taxes, and provide a yearly tax plan to maximize deductions for the next year.

Business Tax Preparation

Whether you file a Schedule C, as a Corporation, an S Corp, or even a non-profit, we can take the burden off your shoulders and prep/file the returns for you. We offer a yearly tax plan for our tax clients for the next year to help maximize your tax deductions.

Tax Planning

We offer yearly tax planning for all of our tax return clients.
This tax planning service goes into much more detail, and we update multiple times a year as we discuss changes in your income, expenses, investments, and other life factors.

We schedule quarterly meetings to review changes that need to be made or ensure that you are on track for the deductions planned in the previous meeting. Our goal is for our clients, as individuals or businesses, will pay the least amount of taxes allowed by law.

We have the following tax planning service levels.

Tax Resolution

No one likes receiving letters from the IRS. Whether you owe additional taxes, are receiving an audit, or need to determine what steps to take, one of our tax specialists can help.

We have CPAs and EAs on staff to walk through the tax codes and help come to a resolution.

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